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Mr. Skin makes it easy to watch nude scenes starring your favorite celebrities without having to suffer through a bad movie. The people behind the site work hard to gather every glimpse of flesh in TV and movies and compile it in such a way that it’s extremely easy to find your favorite girls (or guys!) and get a look at their goods.

It’s likely you’ve heard of Mr. Skin because it’s been around a while and has even been mentioned by Howard Stern before; just in case you’ve been living under a rock, I’ll pass along this link for you where it is cheaper with this discount of up to 74% off Mr Skin.

More than just a basic throw-together of scenes, Mr. Skin also gives detailed reviews of films, an engaging blog with magazine quality articles, and some great playlists and compilations. It’s a great source of mainstream entertainment that just so happens to put the focus on naked celebrities. Check it out!