Latest Baseball Rumours

Baseball’s status as America’s national sport, and the huge level of fan interest in it, ensure that there are always lots of rumours doing the rounds about the teams, players and leagues. One area that doesn’t always attract the same level of media attention is the sponsorship deals, but these are of tremendous importance to the clubs and the game as a whole, because of the revenue they bring in, and if the latest rumour is true then that revenue may be set for an increase. The top online casino company Lucky Nugget have been linked with a possible baseball sponsorship deal – and this is big news for a few reasons.

Firstly, if it’s true, any such deal is likely to be for major money – after all Lucky Nugget are major players in the lucrative world of online gambling, and thus it is hardly likely that we would be talking about a small deal. Furthermore this could represent one of the first significant moves into baseball sponsorship by online gambling companies – many of whom have already moved into sponsoring UK teams and events very successfully. Any sponsorship deal would be good news for Lucky Nugget as well, because it would ensure that the company’s brand is very visible amongst sports fans in the US, many of whom would be extremely interested in the games on offer at the Lucky Nugget site.

After all, alongside traditional online casino games, you can now get specialist sports variants on these at Lucky Nugget – including Hot Shot, which is a nine pay line, five reel slots game based around baseball. Hot Shot aims to capture the feel of playing baseball, with graphics of a lush green field and audio of cheering crowds and the ball hitting the bat, and it does so very impressively. Throw in quirky reel icons in the shape of mitts, baseball hats, pitchers and various snacks, and you could almost be at a game. However Hot Shot also combines this with the advantages of slots games, like being cheap to play, and the chance to win a jackpot of up to $2000, which would likely make it very appealing to fans of the game.