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Five Things About Free Dating Sites That Other People Won’t Tell You

Five Things About Free Dating Sites That Other People Won't Tell You

There are many things about dating sites like that are not obvious. Many of these unpleasant realities are not going to be advertised by the websites themselves. Why should they? They need to air their dirty laundry like they need another hole in the head. Do you see where I’m coming from? Unfortunately, if you want to be successful with online dating, you need to be aware of these five facts. Otherwise, you are going to probably be playing the game to lose.

This is the main reason why the vast majority of guys who go on sex dating sites never manage to get laid. Seriously, a lot of them hang out for a few months, then they burn out. That’s how a lot of those websites make money. They make money off the churn rate of guys getting all excited, rushing in and then getting burned, and then burning out. If you don’t want that to happen to you, pay attention.

You’re Being Profiled

When you join a dating site, you are being profiled. Think of it as Facebook Lite. You probably already know about Facebook. The moment you join Facebook, your privacy is pretty much shot. Why? The default privacy setting of Facebook is public. The default privacy setting of Facebook is that you give them permission to pay attention to your sensitive personal details.

For example, you like to tell other people that you are a very sensitive, understanding person, it turns out, based on the websites that you read and the stuff that you "like" on Facebook, you’re a racist. Do you see where I’m coming from here? That’s how intense Facebook’s profiling system is. Dating sites are several steps behind as far as sophistication, but they’re getting there. Keep this in mind when you join a free dating site. It may be free, but you’re still paying in the form of information. In fact, I would argue that you are paying more than the membership is worth.

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