MLB Expansion Overseas


Major League Baseball has been looking at expanding beyond the USA and Canada into Mexico as well as Central and South America. It would make perfect sense for a sport already populated with a high percentage of hispanic players to feature teams in these regions. The first two countries which have been under discussion for MLB expansion include Mexico and Venezuela. The cities of Mexico City and Monterrey are highly favored in Mexico, due to the large population and popularity of the sport on tv.

While it could take years for the major league baseball expansion to take place, for stadiums to be built, etc., these market areas are ripe for the MLB to develop. The major issues in introducing MLB to these countries includes fan support to maintain a profitable level of revenue needed to support expansion teams. All the systems to be in place here to support the business of baseball itself. Everything from buying tickets via credit cards at retail locations, international credit card processing, parking, food concessions, security, radio and television coverage and more will have to be in place. It was Bud Selig’s dream to see MLB expand overseas. Now we’ll see if Commissioner Rob Manfred can make it happen.

MLB writers predict AL Wild Card Game winner

As 10 teams prepare to embark on the road to the 111th World Series, a collection of analysts, columnists and reporters shared their thoughts on who will come out on top. First up: Predictions for tonight's 8 ET American League Wild Card Game presented by Budweiser, pitting the Astros against the Yankees in New York and airing on ESPN.

Correa proud of his roots in Puerto Rico

Those who saw the talent early on in Carlos Correa as a young player coming up in Puerto Rico wanted him to move to the United States so he would have a better chance at getting drafted. Correa wanted none of it. He's extremely proud of his roots and wanted to show everyone stardom can be reached from the island.

How should the Yankees handle Keuchel?

As the Yankees have learned firsthand over the course of 16 commanding scoreless innings this season, facing Keuchel is no picnic in any area code, but he has been more hittable on the road. They hope that fact, as well as taking the mound on three days' rest, will prompt Keuchel to finally appear human in their eyes.

Bucs’ breakthrough won’t be easy

Location, location, location. Like in real estate, it can be a key to success in baseball. The Pirates know that as well as anyone, and the challenges they face aren't getting easier any time soon, not with the Cubs joining the Cardinals in constructing a powerhouse built to last.